PV Reference Cell/Silicon Irradiance Sensors:

World class silicon irradiance sensors designed to last decades: with or without temperature compensation and available in a variety of output signals.

Temperature Sensors.

Temperature Sensors: IMT Solar now offers both ambient temperature and back of module temperature sensors in a variety of signal outputs including Analog and Digital ModBus.

Modbus Meteorological.

With the Si-RS485TC-2T-v-MB we can offer you options for nearly every meteorological parameter. 0-1500 W/sqm Irradiance, with temperature and wind speed options.

PV I-V Curve Analyzers:

An ideal PV I-V Curve tester used by Quality Certification Labs, PV Manufacturers, Universities and PV R&D labs world wide.  Accurate, dependable & flexible ranges.

Important News & Information

New Sensors

New Sensors

October 1, 2017

IMT Solar Announces New Irradiance Sensors Now Available with a 0 to 1500 W/sqm range.

New Temperature Sensors

New Temperature Sensors

September 1, 2017

IMT temperature sensors are now available in a new more convenient form.

NREL White Paper

NREL White Paper

May 1, 2015

NREL White Paper: Silicon Irradiance Sensor Vs. Pyranometer. – READ MORE