IMT Solar has launched a complete line of temperature sensors for use in long term performance monitoring of solar PV modules and systems. There is both a back of module temperature sensor and an ambient temperature sensor.

Both models are now available in various signal output types to match your monitoring and data logging needs. Available today are: 0-10VDC, 4-20 mA, and RS485 Modbus outputs.

Data sheets are available below for each type sensor.


Part Number Type of Sensor External Power Supply Range Signal Output Type Download
Tmodul Back of cell temp N/A -50…+150°C Pt100 PDF
Tm-Pt1000 Back of cell temp N/A -40…+90°C Pt1000 PDF
Tm-V-4090 Back of cell temp 12-28Vdc -40…+90°C 0-10V PDF
Tm-I-4090 Back of cell temp 12-28Vdc -40…+90°C 4-20mA PDF
Tm-RS485-MB Back of cell temp 10-28Vdc -40…+90°C RS485 Modbus PDF
Tmodul10-ISO Back of cell temp 19-30Vdc Isolated -40…+90°C  0-10V PDF
Ta-Pt100 Ambient temp N/A -40…+80°C Pt100 PDF
Ta-Pt1000 Ambient temp N/A -40…+80°C Pt1000 PDF
Ta-V-4090 Ambient temp 12-28Vdc -40…+90°C 0-10V PDF
Ta-I-4090 Ambient temp 12-28Vdc -40…+90°C 4-20mA PDF
Ta-ext-RS485-MB Ambient temp 10-28Vdc -40…+85°C RS485 Modbus PDF
Tamb10-ISO Ambient temp 19-30Vdc Isolated -40…+90°C 0-10V PDF