• Available in 30-100A ratings in both fusible
and non-fusible versions
• Type 1 and 3R enclosures for either indoor
or outdoor applications
• All switches comply with UL98 requirements
and are UL listed in file number E335018 as
UL1741 Photovoltaic Disconnect Switches
• Tested per UL requirements to control
three separate 600VDC circuits in a single
3 pole switch
• Factory installed ground bar supplied
as standard
• Door labeling required by Article 690 of the
NEC is supplied as standard
• Unique enclosure design features a rolled
out front flange that prevents cuts and
scrapes to conductor insulation and to the
installer’s hands
• Metal handle with large plastic grip features
a positive stop in both the ON and
OFF positions
• Two and 3 point mounting provisions
are standard
• Large top, bottom and side gutters
facilitate wiring
• Line and load lugs accept larger conductors
than required by UL to allow larger cables
to be used when required to minimize
voltage drop